Natural Journey

After watching countless YouTube videos of beautiful black faces with very pretty natural curly coils. I made the decision on yesterday to join the revolution of the natural black woman’s hair. I had been wanting to do this for some time but I felt like my hair was one of the things that made me…well, ME. I was attached to my hair even though underneath it all it laid deep insecurity. I had the same feelings as countless other women have about needing long straight flowing hair to be beautiful. And I felt like short curly hair made you the typical stereo type of little nappy headed black girl. And truth be told and to put the devil on front street, I felt like no man would like me or pay attention to me with short curly hair. We women are made to feel as if we need long straight hair to attract a man. And since I am single, still learning what single life is like, that was certainly lurking around in my mind.